[Premiere] PLANET PONDERS – DillanPonders

DillanPonders has simple goals: Take over the world and support his family. His output this year shows how serious he is. After ‘DOUBTS’ landed him the cover feature for Spotify’s Northern Bars playlist, SHROOM DADDY (as he’s affectionately known to his fans) is back with a new single: ‘PLANET PONDERS.’ As a rapper once known for hard partying and hazy anthems, ‘PLANET PONDERS’ shows a his maturation — both personally and as an artist. With no hook, the song is three minutes of Ponders slicing through the beat with one liners and double entendres, piecing together his master plan like origami. Ponders is finished partying and fooling around, and ‘PLANET PONDERS’ isn’t just a dream anymore. Listen below and understand why. DillanPonder’s forthcoming album, NO MANS LAND, will release summer 2017.





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